21st Century Teaching and Learning in Action


Our purpose and method for analyzing 50 organizations globally that teach 21st century competencies

by Connie K. Chung

Purpose - Why we undertook this project:

To identify and build a virtual network of education stakeholders committed to the kind of education that is engaging, powerful, rigorous, and relevant to the 21st century so that ALL children in ALL contexts can thrive and make their world a better place. 

Letters from Singapore: 4 C's for Massachusetts - Clarity, Commitment, Coherence, Capacity

By Fernando Reimers, E.B. O'Donnell, Lisa Battaglino, Connie K. Chung, Mitalene Fletcher, David Harris, Joey Lee, Vanessa Lipschitz, David Lussier, Christine McCormick, Megan O’Keefe, Paul F. Toner, Eleonora Villegas-Reimers

You can download the rest of the book, for free, here.

Teaching and Learning in the Twenty-First Century

In the book-turned-movie The Martian, Matt Damon plays Mark Watney, an astronaut who gets stranded on Mars and then is later rescued. Viral blog posts have suggested that had this really happened, it would have taken about $200 billion to rescue him. What they do not mention, however, is that even $200 trillion would not have been enough, were it not for some critical competencies displayed by Watney’s fellow astronauts, scientists, and Watney himself. 

Findings from Teaching and Learning in the Twenty-First Century

Our study draws three broad conclusions:

1.  The six countries studied – Chile, China, India, Mexico, Singapore, and the United States – all recognized that educational goals for all students needed to be broadened.       

They designed new curricular frameworks in response to the perceptions that the demands of the labor market were changing and that civic participation would require greater sophistication and responsibility.