At GEII, we advance understanding the ways education leaders and practitioners in diverse education systems define and practice teaching and learning that is relevant to the 21st century.

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21st Century Education in Action

We share information with education leaders so they can better support the development of 21st century competencies among youth.

What is Education for the 21st Century?

We define education for the 21st century as educating the whole child, including cultivating competencies in intrapersonal, interpersonal and cognitive domains; developing values, dispositions, and attitudes; and practicing active, engaging and empowering pedagogy.

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Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century

Educational Goals, Policies, and Curricula From Six Nations
Edited by Fernando M. Reimers and Connie K. Chung

We conduct research about the development of 21st century skills among youth, beyond core academic subjects.


We bring together a network of organizations, researchers, practitioners, and other civic actors across the globe.

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