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Teaching and Learning for the 21st century: Educational goals, policies, and curricula will be available in Chinese in September 2016.


Executive Summary of our book 

Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century: Educational goals, policies, and curricula in Chinese

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Executive Summary in Chinese

Creative China

Published in May 2014 in China, Jiang Xueqin’s memoir Creative China examines what is possible within Chinese education reform, and how to implement creativity in the classroom. In 2008, just as more and more Chinese high school students were opting for American colleges, Mr. Jiang built and managed a study abroad program at Shenzhen Middle School, south China’s top public school. Students themselves took responsibility for the program, and in the process built the first coffeehouse and the first daily newspaper in a Chinese high school. In 2010, Mr. Jiang built and managed the International Division at Peking University High School, a program to educate the next generation of China’s creative class by teaching them global citizenship and social responsibility. Mr. Jiang’s central argument is that creativity is both possible and necessary in the Chinese classroom, and once educators take that leap of faith then the limitless potential of their students will be finally unleashed.

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