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Teaching and Learning for the Twenty-first Century

Educational Goals, Policies, and Curricula From Six Nations

Edited by Fernando M. Reimers and Connie K. Chung

All author proceeds are donated right back into our initiative to fund more research and related activities so young people all over the world hopefully have a greater chance at getting an education that is powerful, engaging, meaningful, and relevant to their lives. We appreciate your future partnership in this endeavor!

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Enseñanza y aprendizaje en el siglo XXI

Metas, políticas educativas y currículo en seis países ahora en Espanol

Our book Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century is now in Spanish

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Praise for the Book

What should be the goals of education in the twenty-first century? By surveying the ways that six nations have sought to identify and develop the competencies necessary for success, this volume offers a thoughtful, grounded, and provocative response to that essential question. It serves as an indispensable resource for all those working to provide a relevant and high-quality education to children around the globe." 
— James E. Ryan, Dean and Charles William Eliot Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education

If education policy makers around the world do one thing in the next twelve months, it should be to read this book! Reimers and Chung have provided a welcome dose of reality into the conversation about how to prepare our students for the challenges of the twenty-first century."
— Ken Kay, CEO, EdLeader21

"What Reimers and Chung have done is unparalleled: a comparative study of how education systems have approached the challenge of twenty-first-century competencies. The result will be invaluable to the global education community in thinking about how to prepare learners for a complex and ever-changing world."
— Gwang-Jo Kim, Director, UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education