Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century

Educational Goals, Policies, and Curricula From Six Nations
Edited by Fernando M. Reimers and Connie K. Chung

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Bellei C. School improvement trajectories: an empirical typology. School Effectiveness and School Improvement. 2015 :1-18.Abstract

This paper is based on a multiple case study of schools which have been identified as improving their performance for about a decade. We proposed different criteria by which to characterize and study these improvement processes and, by applying them to our sample, we elaborated a typology of school improvement trajectories: we identified 4 different trajectories of school improvement. We called the first type restricted improvement because at its center is the management of processes that mainly target academic achievement tests; the second is incipient improvement, which is based on changes that restructure the school processes; the third identified trajectory are cases where school improvement is moving toward institutionalization, while the last are those cases where improvement has been already institutionalized and the schools have achieved high levels of educational effectiveness. We identified challenges that schools face at different stages of school improvement and discussed some related policy issues. 

Amabile T. Growing Up Creative: Nurturing a Lifetime of Creativity. Creative Education Foundation. 2012. Publisher's VersionAbstract

Based on almost 15 years of research with hundreds of children, Growing Up Creative answers the questions parents and teachers ask most frequently: What is Creativity? How is it different from talent or intelligence? And why is it so important? Growing Up Creative is filled with dozens of concrete, hands-on exercises and techniques that can help a parent or teacher keep creativity alive at home and at school.

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Teaching and Learning for the 21st century: Educational goals, policies, and curricula

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