PAUTA: Programa Adopte Un Talento

 (Program Adopt a Talent)





Grade Level of Students Participating


Number of Students Participating per Year

Approximately 1,500

Year Organization Began


Relationship to the public education system

PAUTA works both in and outside of schools.

Organization’s Vision and Mission

PAUTA’s mission is to promote young people’s interest and skills in science, “with equity and excellence.” They “seek to educate citizens with scientific skills” and commitment to their community.

PAUTA’s vision is to be an organization that brings together families, schools, scientists, government, and the private sector to promote talent in science.

Brief Description of Program Activities

PAUTA builds ties between the Mexican scientific community and primary and secondary school students, as well as their families and teachers. The organization is based at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (National Autonomous University of Mexico).

PAUTA’s core program is a long-term experiential learning and mentoring program for students who are interested in science. Students apply to the program and are accepted based on their commitment-level.

PAUTA also hosts bi-monthly, two-hour workshops for students and arranges additional mentoring opportunities. In the first few years of the program, during the workshop time students work in teams on science activities and projects that are designed by the teacher. As students progress through the program, they carry out more self-directed research projects. PAUTA finds mentors for students until they reach university.

PAUTA also offers extracurricular science clubs in schools and training for teachers. Scientists who are not part of PAUTA’s full-time team can participate as voluntary mentors. Mentorship takes a variety of forms, including judging science fairs, hosting lab visits, giving lectures, and writing letters to students.

Program Content: Intrapersonal Competencies

Adaptability, self-management, self-reflection, independent initiative, and confidence

Program Content: Interpersonal Competencies

Social and communication skills

Program Content: Cognitive Competencies

Scientific understanding, problem solving, creativity, and entrepreneurial skills

Program Content: Attitudes and Values

PAUTA aims to develop students’ commitment to contributing to their country’s development.

Program Content: Pedagogy/Active Engagement of Students

PAUTA’s pedagogy is based on constructivism. Students are asked to work with their peers to ask questions, investigate, and build their own knowledge.

Additional Notes

PAUTA is committed to “a wide definition” of talent, which holds that “talent can be cultivated and it can manifest itself in diverse forms, if properly supported.”2

Reference List

1Except where otherwise noted, all information in this table comes from PAUTA’s website and a phone call with the organization’s director and the manager of content and training that took place in June 2016.
2This information is from a 2012 PAUTA presentation.

Notes Prepared By

Anastasia Aguiar