Shanghai Children’s Art Theatre (SHCAT)





Grade Level of Students Participating

Children aged 16 and under, with their families

Number of Students Participating per Year

100,000 children and their families

Year Organization Began


Relationship to Public Education System

Work independently through the theatre's own educational programs

Organization’s Vision and Mission

Mission: “To develop Chinese cultural education through the arts by being the best theater for children in the world.” They act on the belief that the best children's art theatre should have the same high standards as a theatre for adults.

Brief Description of Program Activities

SHCAT provides children with a multi-functional platform to join in interactive activities and receive an arts education.

SHCAT believes that these experiences in theater can fundamentally encourage children’s curiosity about the world, ignite their imagination, develop their ability in exploring the world, and encourage children to take their initiatives to learn in the world of art.

A few of their programs are described below: 

SHCAT initiated the Super Dad Club, which leads children and their dads to exercise and play games together. This program was developed after the staff observed that many of the children were accompanied only by their mothers or female relatives when they came to SHCAT. The staff set up this club to especially encourage dad’s role in children’s growth. 

SHCAT also has the Super Mom Club, in which children and their mothers can create together, such as in DIY art workshops, scientific experiments, storytelling sessions, and bakery workshops. 

SHCAT also has established the first large-scale car trunk sale for children since 2014 as the “SHCAT Market.” In this activity, families arrive with their car trunks full of items to sell.  Children sell the items while parents act as their assistants.  Children learn about auctioning, bargaining and bookkeeping in the process.

SHCAT Classroom gathers well-known artists to interact with children face to face on the stage of the theatre. 

SHCAT Theatre Camp is a special program that offers children a diverse class of theatrical experience. It lets children experience the complete process of theatrical creation.

Program Content: Intrapersonal Competencies

Artistic and cultural appreciation; cultural awareness and competence; intellectual interest and curiosity; physical and psychological health, professionalism; 

Program Content: Interpersonal Competencies

Communication; self-presentation through performance; peer group learning; empathy/ perspective taking

Program Content: Cognitive Competencies

Imagination, curiosity and creativity development through art, music and body movement learning in the plays

Program Content: Attitudes and Values

Cultural awareness and competences; to appreciate beauty in art; the values of being kind, brave, honest; 

Program Content: Pedagogy/Active Engagement of Students

The children engage in a variety of activities, such as taking part in performances and in hands-on workshops.

Additional Links of Note

To see videos from SHCAT, please see this link

Reference List

1All information on this table came from SHCAT’s website and from several interviews with Ms. Liang, the manager of SHCAT that took place in May 2016.

Prepared by

Anna Li